SOLLYD Printing Silicone

When Crocodile meet with Puff silicone RG-2611

Life is like a box of Chocolate, you may never know what you will get.
—-Forrest Gump

The first time i mentioned about Puff silicone is around 3 years ago when i Joined SOLLYD chemistry limited, we talked about all our printing inks of special effects.

I felt confused and asked our manager: “Why we have puff rubber ink and puff plastisol ink, but no puff silicone ?” At that time, he told me that because silicone ink is special, it’s hard to change when cured, so it’s more steady than rubber ink and plastisol ink, but maybe you give us a good idea.

Chances always lie in what we think impossible. Now in 2016, our puff silicone RG-2611 is approved by market and applied in bulk production. Puff silicone help to reduce printing layers for 3D effect, and mostly, it makes the printing artwork more vivid like the crocodile. Printing come from life and back to life finally.

When Crocodile meet with Puff silicone RG-2611
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