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What can we do for a Sporting Lifestyle ?

printing-silicone-for-sports-glovesWith the increasing approval of green life, open-air activities like hiking, biking, skiing, golf, gym enters people’s daily life. In this case, Nike,Adidas, UA, Puma developing many different types of sportwear and sport gloves. One kind of sport gloves is called non-slip gloves. So what is so-called Non-slip gloves?

As we all know, gloves is used mostly for keeping people warm in winter or protect hands in some special field. After different sports activities enters our life, Non-slip gloves grow rapidly in sports field like goal-keeper gloves, golf gloves, biking gloves, skiing gloves. As a raw materials supplier of Non-slip gloves like Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, SOLLYD defines non-slip gloves as sport gloves screen printed some silicone or PVC which would increase resistance between gloves and things you hold in your gloves. Finally silicone won the market because of its softness, great elasticity and rub resistance.

I used to play golf with my friends on a weekend. As a green bird, i wear nothing, after two hours my palm hurt seriously and some part of my arm bruise. See my friend with a proper non-slip gloves, all well. I suddenly believe that how important is a pair of proper non-slip gloves to a goal-keeper, golfer, or any other athlete that need to protect their hands. Cause you may never know when your hands would destroy and your life would desperate.

Finally wanna share a story of my boss, a story of conductive silicone RG-E069. He used to travel to Northeast China in winter 2012. As a south liver in China, he feel freezing and dizzy every moment he peel off his gloves to touch his touch-screen phone. Then an idea come out, what if the winter gloves can touch our mobile without peeling off ? Yeah, all ideas come out from life, we, SOLLYD CHEMISYRY always on the way, how about you?


What can we do for a Sporting Lifestyle ?
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