SOLLYD Printing Silicone

Textile Flocking Silicone Ink

  1. Code NO.: RG-1500, Packing in 10kg/barrel, 40kg/barrel
  2. AB two-component silicone base which has great adhesion for glitter powder and flock powder, can also be used as clear base to improve adhesion.
  3. Recommend mixing rate

1500A: 1500B= 100:90~120, the more 1500B component is mixed, the shorter the working time of the flocking silicone

  1. After AB component is mixed, you need to add proper rate of thinner RG-1040 to make it for better printing. Too much thinner would affect the adhesion of flock silicone because it would be hard to get enough thickness for flock powder after printing.
  2. When printing flocking silicone, the first layer is recommend to print without heating and wet-print the second layer immediately to make it thick enough for flock powder.
  3. Tips for flock silicone machine production
  •  Control and mix proper quantity of new silicone ink every period of time, the higher the room temperature, the shorter the operating time. Thinner RG-1040 can longer the operating time. If the room temperature is too high, add 0.5%-1% retardant 00013 can longer the working time of silicone too.
  • Clean the silicone outside squeegee to the area which can be printed in time in case it would cure and block the mesh.
  • Add new material in time as soon as the original silicone get thick and hard for printing. Or add 10-20% thinner to thin it for continues printing.
  1. RG-1500AB can be fast cured under 120-150 degree, but it may need 24- 48 hours for completely curing. Thus, adhesion and washing test is recommend to be done after 48 hours.
  2. Seal stocked in cool and dry environment, shelf life can be 6 months.
Textile Flocking Silicone Ink
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