SOLLYD Printing Silicone

SOLLYD RG5 Series Machine Printing Silicone History

Rui Ke Industrial Co., Ltd has been striving to produce and develop GREEN, ECO-FRIENDLY, HEALTHY and COMFORTABLE printing materials.

RG5 series machine printing silicone is an item which contains technical and sales staff’s united efforts and can lead screen printing industry.

RG5 series silicone has developed for 6 years with mature solution and technology.

History of Machine Printing Silicone RG5 Series

2011, apply catalyst inclusion technology, start to screen print on oval printing machine.
First machine operation in Tianyuan Apparel Company.

2012, launch RG-2660M-3 high density printing silicone with 4 hours’ operation time and not mesh block.

2013, machine glossy effect silicone RG-2780, less than 10 seconds to level, fast cure after oven bake.

2014, matte effect silicone maturely machine screen print.

2015, succeed in printing on octopus machine, similar performance as plastisol ink.

2016, develop fiber press printing silicone to deal with cotton fabric with long fiber.

RG5 Machine Printing Silicone Video

SOLLYD RG5 Series Machine Printing Silicone History
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