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Round Clear Screen Printing Silicone

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Round Clear Screen Printing Silicone


Code/SKU: RG-2660/RG-3760

Introduction:  300% elasticity, print for round shining effect, soft, suitable for garment, gloves, socks, ribbons, leather, bags, etc, used in combination with other type of silicone.

Solid content: 100%.

Color: transparency

Viscosity: 130000mPa s

State: liquid

Odour: odorless

Mesh and squeegee

  1. Dilute the silicone properly, available for 138T mesh.
  2. The squeegee for both water based ink and oil based ink, usable for silicone.


  1. For underbased coat on absorbent fabric
  2. Mixed with silicone pigment for printing or used alone for transparent effect.
  3. Mixed or matched with other type of silicone by any rate for printing
  4. Strong weatherability: -50℃-280℃.

How to Choose Additive

Before printing, add the catalyst RG-B80 into the silicone by suitable rate(2-6%) according to room condition, baking condition and operation time. Can choose quick dry silicone if need natural dry.

How to Dry Printing Silicone

  1. Choose quick dry silicone and mixed with RG-B50 catalyst by suitable rate(3-5%), naturally dry.
  2. Dry temperature: 100-120℃, add 2-6% of RG-B80.
  3. Complete dry in 48 hours after printing finished.
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