SOLLYD Printing Silicone

Printing Silicone Structure FAQ and Differences between Machine and Manual Printing

Printing Silicone Structure & Features

  • Condensed type one component printing silicone
  • Addition type one component liquid printing silicone
  • Two component silicone type: 10:1
  • Two component silicone type: 100:2
  • Two component silicone type: 1:1

    1.One Component Printing Silicone

    Usually applicable for dipping ink,
    Solidify at normal temperature,
    Not good for color modulation.

    2.A:B=1:1 Two Component Printing Silicone

    Not suitable for color modulation,
    Only SOLLYD RG-1550 and Dow Corning Xiameter series apply for specific screen printing craft as transparent silicone.

    3.A:B=10:1 and 100:2 Two Component Printing Silicone

    Widely used in screen printing industry.

FAQ of Screen Printing Silicone

1.How to choose environmental printing silicone?

We recommend you apply addition type printing two component silicone with platinum hardener.

2.What is a great brand of printing silicone?

  • Convenient to deploy color, and good storability after mixing with silicone pigment.
  • Applicable for 120-140T halftone and not mesh clogging for continuous operation.
  • Long shelf life for 12-18 months.
  • No layer separation after 80℃ one hour washing test.
  • Can deal with fabric poison issue especially for fabrics containing N、P、S chemical element.
  • Supply various screen printing solution and craft such as softness, elasticity, fastness, matte/glossy effect, high density, etc.

Differences between Machine Printing and Manual Printing Silicone

  • Manual printing doesn’t require too much for printing silicone, and can achieve all sorts of printing craft because printing workers would adjust their techniques, strength or other operation details.
  • Machine printing has tough demand for printing silicone.
    Long operation time at high temperature;
    No separation after oven dry;
    No mesh block when continual printing;
    SOLLYD RG-2660M-3 is the most suitable for machine printing.
  • RG-2660M-3 machine printing silicone has applied catalyst inclusion technology which is perfectly matched machine printing demand.
  • Comparison between 1185 and RG-2660M-3
 Product Name 1185 RG-2660M-3
 Type 10:1 100:2
Printing Silicone Structure FAQ and Differences between Machine and Manual Printing
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