SOLLYD Printing Silicone

Printing Silicone Solution for Air Bubble

5 Reasons for Generating Air Bubble

  1. Mesh screen is too sparse and screen print for too high density.
  2. Bake temperature rises too fast to get bubble out before printing silicone solidify.
  3. Screen printing plate is too thick.
  4. Printing ink is too thick and it lower ink’s liquidity.
  5. Add gelata or thickener which set bubble back.

4 Solutions to Reduce or Uproot Air Bubble

  1. Choose appropriate mesh screen number and printing plate thickness.
  2. Adjust dryer machine’s temperature and speed.
  3. Regulate printing silicone’s consistency.
  4. Add silicone thinner RG-1040/RG-1080 to accelerate process of flying bubble away and levelling time.
Printing Silicone Solution for Air Bubble
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