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Printing Silicone Introduction

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Printing Silicone

English Name: Silicon
Alternative Name: Fluid Silicone Rubber

Chemical Formula: mSiO2·nH2O
Density:  1.0-1.13g/cm3(20℃)
Viscosity: 20000-700,000mPa.s(20℃)
Water Solubility: Insoluble


1: Eco-friendly
2: Available for halftone printing, not delaminating
3: Various screen printing craft, glossy/matte, round/right angle, direct/heat transfer and so on.

SOLLYD printing silicone, acquiring internationally known certification such as OKEO-Test Standard 100 Bureau Veritas Certificationhas great adhesion, good stereoscopic effects, soft hand feeling, non harm/toxic, e.g.


Screen printing silicone is suitable for workbench manually printing, rotary table printing and ribbon machine printing.

For more than 10 years manufacture experiences, SOLLYD chemistry LLC has developed maturely machine printing silicone MP series, perfectly solving difficult issues of operation time, woven blocking, e.g.


First: Choose appropriate numbers of woven mesh.

Second: Emulsion affects the 3D effect of oil based ink such as printing silicone and plastisol ink.

Third: There are 2 kinds of printing silicone:
1. One-component silicone, naturally dry in 10 minutes, but easy to block woven mesh and waste a lot.
2. Two-component silicone, usually called AB silicone, need high temperature to solidify, more environmental and long operation time.

Prinitng silicone is subject to organosilicone, which has stable physical and chemical properties, long shelf life, great weather resistance.

Our advantages

We are proud to lead the development trend in silicone printing field and strive to parallel customers’ demand.

As professional screen printing materials supplier, we can adjust products’ specialities to adapt market requirment.

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