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How to Get both High Density and Glossy Effect Printing Silicone



So many clients ask us how to get high density effect or how to get glossy effect silicone?

But do you know how to get both of them?

Now, follow Mr. Amine from Morocco and our sales manager Ms. Belinda to know about this elegant craft!

Right after 2016 FESPA Exhibition, Mr. Amine comes to visit our factory.

We start up mutual communication, get market information from him and Amine gets printing silicone knowledge from us. That’s we called business, I think.

Look at him! So dedicated! Also graceful Mandy patiently educates him.

Demonstration Video for High Density Glossy Craft

Details on Screen Printing High Density and Glossy Effect

Details determine success or failure.

  1. Under coat smoothly.
  2. Print as high as customers’ demand.
  3. 80-100℃ surface dry or you can choose natural dry for a little long time.
  4. Top print softly.

If you wanna know more instructions such as formula, welcome to contact us.

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